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KidsWorks Soccer School - Letters from our clients.
Get a flavour of our soccer school from the people who use it.

My husband and I really appreciate the way in which you have supported Matthew in his and our quest to encourage him into football. You really do provide a fabulous community service.


I just wanted to thank you for all the joy and improved skills you have given Lucas over the past few years at Kids Works. He’s had a brilliant time and I think you all do such a great job.


Lorraine and her dedicated team provide a kind, encouraging and fun environment for kids to learn to play football. There is no better place to start playing and their dedication to making sure the class always goes ahead through the worst of the winter months complements the great summer camps which our soon has also enjoyed hugely. He's very much enjoyed kidsworks; thank you for all your help.


It's been a fantastic experience for him and his brother Edward before him. Toby was really pleased to be picked for the school football team this year and we know that was down to all the skills he's learnt at Kidsworks and the confidence you've instilled in him.


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