½ Kids Works Soccer Programme
KidsWorks Soccer Programme

Kids Works Soccer School Programme.

Kids Works football classes are fun - so much so, you may not see the meticulous planning and support that goes into every class that we teach.

Below are a couple of sample lesson plans to give you an idea about how our classes are set out for our coaches and how much we aim to achieve in every class.

LEVEL 1A - Age 4-5

9.25 - 9.37

Warm up and register

9.38 -9.42

Skill work eg 1 on 1 with ball (coach refers to Skill Work sheet before class for various ideas)

9.44 - 9.56

Practice 1 – Traffic Lights

Each child has a ball. Everyone is spread out along a line.

‘Green’ means jog with ball

‘amber’ means slow down

‘red’ means stop (with foot on the ball)

CHALLENGES: Add a stop and turn

Stop, kick ball ahead and chase after it.

Add noises (eg.car) to make it ‘fun’.

Teaching Points:

Dribbling: Keep ball close to feet, ‘tap, tap’ action. Use both feet and look up and down constantly.

Practice 2 – Shark Attack

Each child has a ball.

The children (fishes) try to cross from one side of the sea (pitch) to the other.

The teachers (Sharks) gently tackle the children.

Perform without balls first, then with balls.

CHALLENGES: Demonstrate how ‘dodge’ past. Select two children to be ‘Sharks’ (demonstrate tackle)

Kidsworks practice1

Teaching Points:

Look up and ahead (space awareness), ball close to feet and turn their back to sharks as pass (shield ball).

10.00 - 10.09

Mini Matches 5 a-side max


Race to teacher & finish

LEVEL 3B - Age 7-9

11.20 - 11.30

Warm up, skill work and register

11.32-11.55 (Group A) 12.00-12.23 (Group B)

Practice 1 - Timing of Pass

Divide children into groups of 3, with one ball per group.

Player A stands in a corner of a square and passes to the empty corner for Player B to run on and receive the pass.

As Player B receives the ball, Player C waits (ensure receiver has controlled the ball) then sprints to corner in order to reach the return pass at full speed.

KidsWorks practice2

Accurate passing is essential.

Change direction half way through.

Teaching Points:

Emphasise running onto the ball, so not static. Why? Link with when in match and want to ‘lose’ opponent, or create width etc. On balls of feet and ‘show for the ball’

Practice 2 – Pass and Go – Go past and shoot

“Pass and Go – Go past and shoot”.

One player is in goal and another is the defender.

The rest of the group are attackers, lined up one behind another, with a ball each.

The first attacker passes to the coach and runs on for a return pass.

The attacker must 'go past' the defender before shooting.


Teaching Points:

As above practice, on first pass encourage a ’pause’, so receive ball ahead. Look up and and commit to ‘dodge’ around defender (demo some examples). Defender move forwards not back and ‘time’ tackle. GK hands ready, body spread and narrow the angle by coming out.

Group A 12.00 - 12.23

Group B 12.34 - 11.57



Warm down and finish.

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