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Welcome to KidsWorks Soccer School.

We love football. We love teaching it, talking about it, playing it.

We love to see the joy and exuberance that our kids get as they learn this great sport. Most of all, we love to see them grow - physically, yes, but equally emotionally, in strength of character, in co-operation and in friendly competition.


A warm hello from Lorraine Moore, KidsWorks Soccer School Director.

We hope that that the KidsWorks website will give you an idea of what we do, what we want to achieve with your children and how much they will enjoy doing it. If you would like to join us at Kids Works, all the necessary information is here, including the enrolment form. If you prefer, call for a chat. The number is on the bottom of every page.

Tournament Fun

The summer fun tournament provides some ‘nail biting’ moments, and is a lovely finish to the term and something that the children all look forward to. It’s also great to see children of all abilities, being able to participate in football and be part of a team. Looking forward to the next Tournament!


KidsWorksSoccer School 020 8755 1583


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Spring Term is fast approaching and before we know it, 2018 will be here!

If you are looking for a new challenge for your child, or to develop their football skills, then feel free to contact us and book a place for the new Spring term.

Our football programme is pitched to please those wishing to learn, consolidate and develop their football skills in a fun and unpressurised environment. Our fun and friendly Saturday morning classes cover age 3-13, split into tight age band classes throughout the morning.

If you are interested, take a look through our web site and to secure a place, the enrolment form should be completed. One can be found here. Best wishes,


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